Get Long-Lasting Relief from Internal Hemorrhoids with Hemorrhoid Embolization

The experienced, award-winning interventional radiologists at Texas Endovascular offer a minimally invasive procedure to help relieve daily pain and discomfort caused by internal hemorrhoids.

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No More Itching, Pain, or Bleeding

Finally, a nonsurgical solution for internal hemorrhoids.

Have you been diagnosed with grade 2 or 3 internal hemorrhoids? Have you been unsuccessful with hygiene treatments, dietary measures, medications, or other nonsurgical treatments?

You might qualify for hemorrhoid embolization treatment.

What is hemorrhoid embolization?

Hemorrhoidal Artery Embolization (HAE), or hemorrhoid embolization, is a painless, nonsurgical treatment – performed by hemorrhoid specialists– to relieve pain, irritation, and bleeding caused by internal hemorrhoids.

This long-lasting treatment is considered one of the best alternatives to traditional hemorrhoidectomy (surgical removal of hemorrhoids).

Don’t wait.

Left untreated, internal hemorrhoids can cause daily pain, irritation, and discomfort.

Internal hemorrhoids inside the rectum are usually unseen and barely cause discomfort. But straining and irritation during a bowel movement can cause bleeding.

And… if it prolapses or becomes protruding hemorrhoid, it can become painful and irritating, disrupting your daily life.


Is hemorrhoid embolization treatment right for you?

This procedure might be a great option if you:

  • Have been diagnosed with grade 2 or 3 internal hemorrhoids
  • Have already tried hygiene treatments or dietary changes with no success
  • Have already tried medication without success
  • Have undergone unsuccessful nonsurgical treatments
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Trust Award-Winning, Board-certified, and Experienced Interventional Radiologists for Hemorrhoid Embolization

Dr. Hardee, Dr. Fox, and Dr. Carlson are highly trained Vascular Interventional Radiologists specializing in state-of-the-art nonsurgical alternatives to treat internal hemorrhoids. As your experienced hemorrhoids doctor, they will provide expert, compassionate care. You will undergo a quick and painless procedure that offers long-lasting results from the pain and irritation disrupting your daily life.


A unique approach to minimally invasive hemorrhoid relief

Hemorrhoid embolization doesn’t hurt, takes about 45 minutes, and most of the time, our patients can go home on the same day and return to work the next day.

  • During this procedure, your doctor will use a small catheter that goes through a tiny hole in your wrist or groin. It reaches your blood vessels in the rectum using X-ray guidance. Then, your doctor will put small coils in these blood vessels to block them and reduce the pressure and symptoms.
  • Internal hemorrhoids comprise the arteriovenous network called Corpus Cavernosum Recti (CCR). A hemorrhoid embolization reduces the blood flow in the CCR to reduce venous pressure and symptoms.


We accept most insurance plans.

Don’t let cost get in the way of your treatment.

In addition to accepting most insurance plans, Texas Endovascular accepts CareCredit, a healthcare credit card, to finance medical procedures. Call us to verify your insurance and answer any questions you may have.


Hemorrhoid Specialists Near Me

If you have bleeding during bowel movements or have been diagnosed with internal hemorrhoids that don’t improve after a week of home care, it’s time to consider treatment.

Texas Endovascular offers six locations throughout greater Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth, including Houston, Katy, Sugar Land, The Woodlands, Clearlake, and Dallas/Fort Worth.

Don’t live another day with pain and discomfort caused by internal hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoid embolization might be the solution you’ve been waiting for.

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