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Why Interventional Radiology is Decade's Top Medical Discovery!

Posted on January 23, 2024

Running interventional radiology practices in Texas, our doctors take pride in this field. We love helping our patients regain their good health without going through invasive surgeries and difficult recovery periods. And, as it turns out, plenty of people feel the same way!

In fact, MSN news included Interventional Radiology among its list of the biggest medical discoveries of the previous decade. That’s a really big deal—for our doctors and for all the patients we have helped and will continue to serve. Take a look at what they had to say about the type of medicine we practice!

Why Interventional Radiology is a Major Medical Advancement

In the article, Dr. Raj Ayyagari, an Interventional Radiologist at Yale Medicine, explained. "Some of the biggest developments in the last decade...are the advancements of image-guided minimally invasive procedures... With these methods we can cure liver and kidney cancers, shrink enlarged prostates that cause urine blockage (BPH) or uterine fibroids that cause bleeding or pain...we can stop emergency bleeding...create blood vessel access for dialysis... [And] we can unblock vessels clogged with clots (known as DVT or deep vein thrombosis)." PAD Treatment

In fact, we perform many of those procedures in our offices in and around the Houston and Dallas area. How do we do it? The majority of our procedures begin when we make a pin-sized opening in your skin, then navigate catheters through your blood vessels in order to treat your veins and arteries, blood clots and even fibroid tumors.

Better yet, we can perform our procedures without putting you under general anesthesia. That means you’re looking at less down time and lower costs, and, in almost every situation, with the added bonus of no overnight hospital stays.

To quote our colleague, Dr. Ayyagari, “There is a saying about Interventional Radiology – 'it's like surgery, only magic!'"

How Interventional Radiology Changed Vascular Care

Now, the impact of our field is particularly apparent if you explore what vein care used to look like. In the past, treating vascular conditions required invasive surgical procedures. In turn, you could expect an extended stay in the hospital, often in the intensive care unit. And, along with the longer recovery period and increased risk for devastating side effects, you'd certainly be looking at much higher medical bills.

Today, that's no longer the case. As Dr. Ayyagari points out, by choosing interventional radiology treatments such as Radiofrequency Ablation or Ambulatory Phlebectomy, you can resolve serious cases of vein disease without major surgeries, and often without an overnight hospital stay.

If you are dealing with vein disease, hardened arteries, spider veins or other concerns, click here to request an appointmentclick here to request an appointmentclick here to request an appointment and explore the ‘magic’ our vein specialists can perform. You can also schedule your ultrasound vein evaluation today and see what we’re about.

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