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5 Reasons Why Winter is Varicose Vein Treatment Season

Posted on January 30, 2024

Have you been thinking about varicose vein treatment? That's perfect, because now's a great time to address your spider and varicose veins! While we may not get deep chills in the Houston area, winter is certainly in full swing. And, with its arrival comes a new item to put on your to-do list: treat those varicose veins! Here are the top five reasons why winter is the right time to treat those bulging, twisted signs of venous insufficiency.

Why is Winter a Great Time for Varicose Vein Treatment?

1. You have more time

Varicose Veins Exercise

After the constant activity of the holiday season, now is a great time to follow post-treatment restrictions on exercise and strenuous movement. Sending the kids to school each day can also allow you the opportunity to lie down and put your legs up following treatment.

2. Insurance is easier

After open enrollment is over, many people have signed up for a new insurance program and are very aware of their insurance deductibles. Plus, when you schedule your treatment early in the calendar year, you'll have plenty of time to secure a vein treatment pre-authorization, if that’s what your insurance carrier requires. And, since our Texas vein specialists accept most insurance plans, you should be in the clear for the bulk of your procedure costs.

3. The clothing and compression won’t be as much of a problem.

After spider-vein treatment, you will likely need to wear compression stockings for up to a month to minimize any bruising, pain or swelling and to help improve blood flow in your legs. It’s a lot more comfortable to wear these stockings after the heat of summer has passed, especially if you also want to cover them up with long pants.

4. The sun is less prominent

Did you know that UV rays can contribute to the development of varicose veins? And, even after undergoing treatment, sun exposure can slow down your recovery process. Or, it could cause the skin in your healing legs to become discolored. That’s why you will need to avoid direct sun exposure for up to a month following vein treatment, and it’s why the winter is a much smarter time to begin the vein treatment process.

5. You'll be ready for the spring and summer.

Once the weather heats back up, you'll want to show off your healthy legs in shorts. So, if you seek varicose vein treatment early in the winter, you should be mostly done with your recovery process by the time spring is in the air. Which means that you can sit, stand and rock your shorts in style. All without worrying about the look or feelings coming from those twisted, painful, varicose veins!

Do You Need to Be Admitted to the Hospital for Varicose Vein Treatment?

Now, we hope you're convinced that winter is a great time to get rid of varicose veins. But we also want to allay other concerns. When you choose to treat these signs of vein disease with minimally invasive treatments such as sclerotherapy or radiofrequency ablation, you can find relief without surgery or an overnight hospital stay.

Ready to say goodbye to varicose veins? Want to see if you're a good candidate for minimally invasive vein treatments in Houston and Dallas? Click here to request an appointmentClick here to request an appointmentClick here to request an appointment with one of our specialists.

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