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How to Reduce Your Varicose Vein Risk in Summer

Posted on June 11, 2024

While the Texas climate is hot most of the year, the arrival of summer brings even more hours of sunshine and sizzling daily temperatures. As such, enjoying some of the season’s favorite activities could increase your varicose vein risk. Want to beat the heat and protect your vein health? Here’s what you need to do!

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Summer Activities that Increase Varicose Vein Risk

Simply spending too much time in the heat can increase your varicose vein risk, or worsen existing problems. Why is that the case? Warmer temperatures can make your veins dilate. In turn, it can be harder to get blood flowing out of your legs, and you may experience swelling (edema) or other symptoms of varicose veins. As such, if you want to protect your vein health when the weather heats up, try to stick to the shade; wear loose and light-weight clothing; and head indoors for cooler temperatures if there’s no way to stay safe outdoors.

One final warning about your risk for varicose veins in the summer: sitting around all day makes it more likely that blood will pool in your feet and legs. In turn, symptoms of vein disease may worsen. So, instead of sitting by the pool in that lounge chair all day, try this move: every hour or two, hop in the pool and do a few lamps before getting out, drying off and relaxing again. Not only will the exercise help improve your blood flow, but the cooling feel of the water can reduce the impact of other seasonal varicose vein risk factors.

Seeking Vein Care in Houston and Dallas

While it’s always best to try and prevent vein health concerns, some risk factors—like your genetics—are unavoidable. So, even with the utmost of care, you may develop spider veins or varicose veins. And, if that happens, we’re here to help. At our six Texas vein care centers, we offer minimally invasive procedures to improve your vein health and restore the healthy appearance of your legs. All you have to do is request a consultation request a consultation request a consultation with our interventional radiologists, and we can discuss your existing varicose vein risk factors and support your ongoing health.  

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