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Is Medical Vein Glue a Good Varicose Vein Treatment?

Posted on August 07, 2022

Looking for varicose vein treatment? When we see patients for varicose vein treatment in our Houston and Dallas area vein centers, they're often a symptom of venous insufficiency. That's a condition that can cause more serious health issues. These include skin infections, venous ulcers, and so much more.

In other words, varicose veins can be dangerous and unattractive. So treating these bulging, prominent veins is more than just a cosmetic decision: it’s imperative to your overall health.

Once you’ve decided to treat varicose veins, the question remains: what method will serve you best?

We’re constantly watching the news for treatment developments. Recently, the NHS in the UK approved one option involving medical glue. Today, we wanted to discuss the effectiveness of this treatment.


Medical Glue and Varicose Veins Reasons for a Vein Evaluation

As we mentioned before, varicose veins are a symptom of a blood flow problem. When your valves fail, that allows blood to flow backward instead of going against gravity and returning to your heart.

As the blood sticks around your lower extremities, those veins in your legs get stretched, bulging, and visible through your skin.

VenaSeal for Varicose Veins

That’s where a medical glue product called VenaSeal is introduced. Providers insert the glue into your vein using a small catheter to stop your blood from flowing backward into your legs. They often use a local anesthetic alongside the glue to prevent any pain.

VenaSeal is a medical-grade super glue, technically known as Cyanoacrylate, and is intended to shut the main saphenous vein. The vein collapses and is then resorbed into the body after it has been sealed closed.

The glue basically stops up the faulty vein so it can’t continue to cause problems. Afterward, many patients can avoid wearing compression stockings.

Is vein glue like VenaSeal right for my varicose veins?

VenaSeal can be effective. In fact, this study suggests efficacy rates as high as 98%. But some factors may impact its usefulness. First, you have to insert the glue into just the right spot, or backflow may continue. Additionally, it’s not yet cleared for use in pregnant women, and long-term safety studies are still in the works. Neither is vein glue suitable for all types of veins, such as very squiggly or serpiginous veins.

Vein glues like VenaSeal also leave behind a foreign substance in your body which will remain for roughly two years following your treatment, creating the possibility of infection. Furthermore, there is also a chance of having an allergic reaction to the cyanoacrylate adhesive.

While effective, VenaSeal can cause the affected veins to become inflamed, necessitating the use of anti-inflammatory medication. It is also rather expensive and not generally covered by Medicare or medical insurance as opposed to standard ablation treatment such as radiofrequency ablation and endovenous laser ablation.

Sclerotherapy and Ablation for Varicose Vein Treatment

Looking for an alternative to VenaSeal? Sclerotherapy is a great option using ultrasound to access your varicose vein, under the skin, with a tiny needle. Next, we mix the medication with carbon dioxide gas to create a foam that we inject directly into the abnormal vein, closing it permanently. We recommend sclerotherapy for veins that aren’t yet bulging.

Now, for bulging varicose veins, radiofrequency vein ablation may be a better option.RFA is also a minimally invasive procedure involving the insertion of a catheter into your abnormal vein. We then supply it with heat energy, closing the vein permanently. Want the best news? We can perform RFA with just a local anesthetic.

It is a nearly painless procedure that leaves virtually no scar. The procedure takes less than an hour, and patients can resume normal activities immediately afterward.

Before proceeding with radiofrequency ablation, or any other varicose vein treatment, your Houston vein specialists will perform a thorough medical examination, including a diagnostic ultrasound evaluation, to determine whether the procedure is appropriate for you.

To find out the best treatment option for your medical reality, schedule your consult todayschedule your consult todayschedule your consult today!


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