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Why would I choose lymphatic massage near me?

Posted on August 31, 2022

Could a lymphatic massage near me help manage my lymphedema? Well, lymphedema describes a chronic build-up of fluid in the legs caused by challenges to the body’s lymphatic system. Many celebrities believe that lymphatic massages are a great beauty tool. They’re used to reduce fluid build-up and improve face and leg contouring. But could this technique actually be a valuable medical intervention? Let’s take a closer look.

What is a Lymphatic Massage Near Me? person receiving lymphatic massage near me

A lymphatic drainage massage employs various techniques to help your body fight fluid retention. Stars like Jennifer Aniston and Hailey Bieber swear by this technique and can choose between services that target either the body or the face. A lymphatic body massage focuses on ridding your body of fluid and toxins. And a facial massage helps accentuate cheek and jaw bones. Basically, the techniques are the same.

When you choose lymphatic massage near me, your masseuse will apply gentle pressure along the network of lymphatic vessels. Using rhythmic compression, the technique is meant to unclog plugged-up lymphatic vessels. In theory, it also stimulates your lymphatic system, optimizing its function. But can this technique really work?  The answer lies in understanding lymphedema.


What Causes Lymphedema?

Often, lymphedema is a symptom of an underlying condition. Untreated vein disease may progress to chronic lymphedema. And many patients who have undergone cancer therapy experience lymphedema.

If an underlying condition triggers your lymphedema, a massage may offer momentary relief. But it won’t cure your condition. Still, for people who experience edema, the massage technique can help support better immune help, while boosting circulation and potentially reducing your varicose vein risk.

Lymphatic massage near me: How long will results last?

Any massage results are temporary. But your benefits may be more noticeable if you engage in regular lymphatic massage. To help improve your results, and your overall health, a lymphatic massage should be just one piece of your overall health routine. Most importantly, follow a vein-healthy diet and drink lots of water. After all, lymph fluid is composed mostly of water. So staying hydrated can help lymph fluid move freely in your body. (Unless you have underlying medical complications.)

Managing Edema and Lymphedema in Houston, TX

While lymphatic massage is mostly a soothing beauty technique, there are medically effective ways to manage swelling and lymphedema. Here in our Houston and Dallas area vein clinics, we can treat varicose veins and other conditions that lead to fluid retention. Then, we can offer relief for painful swelling, and help you restore the health and appearance of your legs and lymphatic system. Contact our office today for a lymphedema consultation.

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