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Can putting legs up against the wall help your veins?

Posted on June 20, 2023

Recently, everyone's been talking about putting legs up against the wall to boost your health. But why is this simple move such a great wellness booster? And what can it do for your vein health? Let's take a closer look!

Legs Up on the Wall Benefits

Putting your legs up against the wall has several potential health benefits. First, it's a relaxing position that can help combat stress. Also, it's a gentle, accessible inversion, but it can still reverse the effects of all-day sitting. Perhaps most importantly for your vein health, this position reverses gravity. In turn, the valves in your leg veins have an easier time pushing blood up and out toward your heart. Ultimately, putting legs up against the wall can help relieve temporary edema (swelling) in your feet and legs.

Putting Legs Up Against the Wall: Ideal Positioning woman putting legs up against the wall

While getting into this position is pretty simple, a few tips can make it more comfortable for you. (And a lot easier to stay in the position for longer periods of time.) To start, get comfortable on the ground, lying flat on your back, with a yoga mat or blanket beneath you for support. Now, scoot your hips forward so that they make contact with the wall, with your legs up and against the wall. (Your body should be in an 'L' shape, with your legs at a 90 degree angle to your hips.)

Need a bit more support for the hips? You can gently prop them up with a folded blanket or a yoga bolster. Once comfortable, try to keep your legs up for at least 30 seconds to start. As you get used to having your legs up against the wall, you can extend the time you spend in this position. In fact, to get the full legs against wall benefits, try staying put for up to 15 minutes! But if you feel pain or tingling in your feet or legs, that means it's time to take a break. Gently lower your legs and hug your knees into your chest for relief. Once you feel better, you can re-enter the pose. Or call it quits for the day, and start again tomorrow!

Putting Legs Up Against the Wall: Any Risks?

While the position is generally beneficial, some people may not be able to tolerate the pose. If you have conditions such as glaucoma or high blood pressure; if you are pregnant; or if you have heart, spine or respiratory conditions, talk to a licensed health care provider before beginning a legs against wall practice. Otherwise, if you are generally healthy and cleared for normal physical activity, this could be a great pose to incorporate into your daily wellness routine!

Boosting Vein Health in Houston and Dallas

For people with normal vein health, regular exercise and poses like legs against the wall can keep your blood circulating and prevent spider veins. But if you already have vein health concerns, exercise alone may not be enough to restore your vein health. In these cases, we invite you to schedule a consultationschedule a consultationschedule a consultation with our Texas Endovascular specialists. We can detect areas of concern, and come up with an ideal treatment plan to keep your veins in tip top shape.



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