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Millions of Americans suffer from some form of venous disorder or insufficiency. While some people seek treatment for cosmetic reasons, many seek relief from venous disease. The most common form is varicose veins (AKA Spider Veins) which are known to cause symptoms that can include leg aching, pain, heaviness, swelling, fatigue, cramping, restlessness, itching and burning.

Comprehensive Vein Treatment

The vein specialists at Texas Endovascular have been providing comprehensive vascular care to patients near the Houston area for over. Dr. Eric Hardee, Dr. Valenson, and Dr. William Fox opened the Texas Endovascular office in The Woodlands in the Fall of 2020 with the goal of providing minimally invasive treatment of the full spectrum of venous disorders to that area. Our highly qualified professionals are fully dedicated to the modern evaluation and treatment of venous conditions. As experienced board-certified vascular surgeons, Dr. Fox and Dr. Hardee can offer their patients a balanced and thoughtful approach to their venous problems. Their broad base of knowledge of the full vascular system (veins and arteries) puts our practice position of being experts in the severity of venous or arterial disease and having the professional experience to provide the best course of venous treatment.

If you are in the The Woodlands, or North Houston area we would love to meet with you. Dr. Fox, Dr. Valenson, and Dr. Hardee are some of the top leading experts in vein care and can get your legs back to the best state of health possible in a short amount of time.


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