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If you notice sharp pain when you walk, it may be more serious than feeling tired or fatigued when you walk. Unexplained pain or a feeling of heaviness in your legs could be caused by a variety of conditions. And these include vein disease, PAD/arterial insufficiency, infections, blood clots, or varicose veins.

The vascular specialists at Texas Endovascular are experts at diagnosing and treating a range of leg pain symptoms that are a precursor to vein or arterial disease. Our team is led by doctors Hardee, Fox and Valenson, with over 30 years of practice and thousands of successfully completed vascular and cardiac procedures. Our team is determined to provide each Houston area patient with unparalleled expertise and compassionate care. All while we work diligently to improve your health.

Leg Pain at Nighttime

As venous or arterial disease gets worse, poor blood flow to your legs and feet may cause other symptoms. These include leg pain when you rest. Therefore, if leg and foot pain constantly wakes you up at night, you may be experiencing PAD symptoms. This pain can last for just a few minutes or several hours. In fact, recurring nighttime leg pain could be a sign of a serious form of PAD called critical limb ischemia (CLI). This is the most severe form of PAD; left untreated, it could even put your leg at risk for amputation.

Leg Pain While Walking

Of course, PAD is not the only reason why walking might hurt. But it’s still important to tell Dr. Fox, Dr. Hardee or Dr. Valenson if you experience this pain. Because PAD can significantly increase your chances of cardiovascular issues, meaning you’re more likely to suffer a heart attack or stroke. That’s especially true if you already have an underlying heart condition.

And, while leg pain while walking is a common sign of PAD, some people have PAD with no symptoms! Others  experience leg cramping or simply feel like their leg is weak. Nevertheless, if the pain worsens with exercise and lessens when rest, it’s time to visit our office in Houston, Sugar Land, The Woodlands, Clear Lake or Katy to discuss the best PAD treatment options.

Why Leg Pain Could Mean you Have Venous or Arterial Disease?

Over time, plaque builds up against the blood vessel walls. And that limits blood flow to your legs and feet. When they don’t get enough blood flow, you may experience serious pain you move. This can make it challenging to do normal activities, such as walking, jogging or even standing for extended periods of time.

To help understand if venous or arterial disease is the root of the issue, our team can perform a simple vascular ultrasound screening test in our office. The results will let us know the severity of your problem, along with the next steps.

Leg Amputation Prevention in Houston

Did you know that every day, about 230 Americans with diabetes suffer an amputation? It’s true, but knowing that leg pain can be a precursor to serious venous or arterial disease can prevent you from joining those numbers. At Texas Endovascular, our board certified Interventional Radiologists specialize in preventing PAD from worsening to the point of amputation. We first do this by suggesting healthy lifestyle changes such as eating healthier, quitting smoking, and taking small strides towards being more active. When lifestyle changes or medications are not the solution, we specialize in micro-vessel interventions below the knee that improve blood flow for quicker and better wound healing. In the end, this helps our Houston area patients preserve or save their limbs.

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Remember, leg pain is not just a normal sign of aging and you shouldn’t have to manage the symptoms on a daily basis. If you are looking for relief from chronic leg pain in the Houston Metro area, please contact Texas Endovascular at (713) 575-3686 to schedule your appointment today! We have convenient office locations for an initial consultation in Houston, Katy, Sugar Land, The Woodlands and Clear Lake.

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