Myths and Facts about Spider Veins Effects

If you have dark, visible veins, it’s very important to seek treatment and avoid spider vein effects. Have you already noticed small spider veins on your legs or face? They are often in a spider web pattern and can be blue, red, or purple. Knowing the causes may help you make lifestyle changes or proceed with the best treatment option.

Spider veinsWhat Causes Spider Veins Effects?

There are many factors that can increase your chance of developing spider or varicose veins. They can be a symptom of poor circulation or from varicose veins, and are probably a result of genetics. Other reasons patients have an increased chance of getting spider veins include:

  • Being a woman. Women are twice as likely as men to get spider and varicose veins.
  • Being on your feet all day. Standing or sitting all day long can be a risk factor.
  • Being pregnant. Extra hormones and an increased pressure against veins are both reasons why pregnant women have an increased chance of vein disorders.
  • Taking birth control. Any hormonal changes, including taking birth control, can contribute to spider veins forming.
  • Being obese. There is extra weight on your veins, plus a lack of exercise can lead to poor circulation.

Preventing Spider Veins


  • It is misunderstood that people can develop and get treatment for spider veins at any point in their life, even though increasing age does increase your risk slightly.
  • Exercise is one of the best ways to prevent vein issues because it improves circulation to the legs.
  • Quit smoking and it will reduce your risk of developing spider or varicose veins, plus other complications including venous ulcers.
  • Spider vein effects can be serious. With spider veins, you may develop bleeding. Also, spider veins often appear with late-stage fatty liver disease. But with this condition, the spider vein effects would be seen on your chest back and shoulders, or possibly as broken blood vessels in your face.


  • Preventing vein disease if it’s hereditary. There currently is no proven way to completely prevent developing spider veins.
  • Spider veins are always a cosmetic issue. If you have more severe spider veins, it is recommend that you have an ultrasound examination to determine if Chronic Venous Insufficiency is the underlying cause of your spider veins.
  • Wearing high heels can cause foot problems, but they do not cause spider veins.
  • Crossing your legs does not lead to spider veins, but prolonged sitting can.

Dr. Fox and Dr. Hardee have extensive experience with spider vein treatment, including sclerotherapy, in the Houston area.

Sources: National Health Services, Mayo Clinic

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